The Covers

I thought it only just and right for me to tell you about the artists that created my covers.

The cover for Silver Linings was photographed by my husband, Olav Folland (Find him and his fascinating photography here.) The model is me, while I was going through chemo. The name of the image is “Survivor” and it was what I immediately thought of when I went to turn my blog into a book. I confess that I did the lettering on the cover, though I may at some time in the future have someone more talented make a pass at it.

I am again the model for Help Wanted‘s cover, photography and cover design by Olav Folland.

I went entirely a different direction with the Daganu series. I laid it in the hands of my very good friend, a talented multi-media artist, the lovely Dana Cruz de Leon. Obviously her work on The Sunshine Line impressed me, because she is now the official artist for this series. You can see more of her work at