The Sunshine Line


Joe Kane has a satisfying and challenging job, a decent apartment in San Francisco, and a new girlfriend. When Joe meets Kristy’s parents things seem a bit odd, but harmlessly so. The occasion of Kristy’s mother’s birthday changes everything. Suddenly Joe learns that fairies are very real indeed. Joe finds himself in the middle of a catastrophe his life has never prepared him for. The Portal between the world Joe has always known and the world of the fairies is broken. Joe, Kristy and her family have to figure out how to fix the portal before the fairies do something to reveal themselves to an unprepared world. When a small group of ambitious women discover the existence of the fairies, despite all efforts, things start to get a bit more complicated…

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News on the Universe of The Sunshine Line

The Sunshine Line was published in late August and has gotten stunning reviews on Amazon to my great pleasure. Last month I rolled The Sunshine Line out on Smashwords, thus giving my readers more choices and more control over their purchase.

Many readers have eagerly asked for more. You ask, I deliver. Let me give you a breakdown of what’s in the works right now.

Next out of the shoot will be a short story called The Animal Place, to be published later this month. I’m excited to be able to offer this for free on Smashwords!

Then, in February, the first full-length sequel to The Sunshine Line will be ready (I hope!) for publishing. The Mirror’s Image picks up where The Sunshine Line left off and brings Joe, Kristy and you, my readers, to the other side of the Portal.

After that I’m giving myself about six months to get the third book out. It remains nameless at this time.

Meanwhile, I’ve just finished writing The Long Dark, a fourth full-length Sunshine Line book. It’s a bit early to tell, but I’m hoping to publish late winter 2014.

The Sunshine Line is where my heart is, so fans can take heart knowing there’s a lot more coming!

Stay tuned!

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Temporary Removal of Excerpts – The Sunshine Line

The Sunshine Line is published! How exciting it that???

I have enrolled The Sunshine Line in Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Select program, which requires that no more than 10% of a work be published anywhere else. I will be participating in the program for 90 days, after which I will make the book available in a number of additional ways. The KDP Select program allows me to do “promotional days” so I’m giving them first cut.

The excerpts will return after the 90 day period is up. Meanwhile, you can read a reasonably sized sample here:

Buy The Sunshine Line today!

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It’s almost time for The Sunshine Line!!

After some delays on the cover art, The Sunshine Line is almost ready to go! Some time in the next few days I will be posting (to Google+ and facebook) the excerpts previously published on this blog, counting down to publication!

The Sunshine Line will initially be offered exclusively through Amazon, where I can do promotional days offering the novel for free. After the required 90 day participation in the KDP Select program, The Sunshine Line will be made available through other vendors as well.

I’m very excited about this, and I hope my readers are too!

Stay tuned!

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