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I was born in 1970 and adopted six weeks later by some really excellent people who, for some reason, opted to keep me. I grew up comfortably middle class – you could be comfortable in the middle class in those days – getting a fairly useless degree in History and an even more useless minor in Anthropology. Dabbling in writing all my life, I finally settled down in Sacramento and got around to finishing my first novel in my forties.

I write, I take photos, I do a variety of art in a fairly mediocre way. I love my husband and my three kids (ages 21, 22, and 24) and our two cats Tinkerbob Lionheart and Bobble, who we call Bubble. I used to spend most of my social media time on Twitter, engaged in politics, learning and cute animals. As of this update I’m transitioning over to Mastodon where I aim to follow the same interests, but with more learning and less politics.

Two of my children are queer and trans, and I myself am bi, so LGBTQIA stuff is very important to me. My pronouns are she/her, but I don’t mind they/them.

I’m a breast cancer survivor since 2008, and I’m on SSD because I’m too crazy to have a “real job”. Thus, in theory, giving me more time to write. I also have four chronic pain conditions, which gives me less time to write. 😉

I welcome all questions and comments made in good faith. I love to engage with people, so feel free to reach out to me by email or on social media (links below).

For fun – things you might not know about me…

  • I can touch my nose with my tongue.
  • I have one cat named Tinkerbob (usually called Stinker) and one named Bobble (aka Bubble). Everything can be named Bob.
  • I love animals. My favorite non-domesticated animal is the elephant.
  • I can’t whistle
  • I have a passion for photography, but have been pursuing selling books instead of prints. Maybe someday…
  • Rye bread makes me hiccup
  • People like to talk to me; they just walk up to me and tell me their life story
  • I love space! I’m so excited by everything that’s going on these last several years (and those to come)
  • Previous pets include two bunnies, a succession of cats in their times, a boa constrictor, a savannah monitor lizard, a California desert king, and a corn snake, as well as guinea pigs. No, the piggies didn’t get fed to the reptiles!
  • I have been to WWII memorials on three different continents and whatever the heck Hawaii is.
  • I like to roller-skate.
  • I know crazy, if you need to talk.
  • I’ve been misquoted in a newspaper
  • I swear like a sailor, particularly while driving.
  • I love stormy weather, but am a little afraid of high winds.
  • I once got a stop sign put up in San Francisco
  • I am not very afraid of spiders (they’re great photography subjects!) but am pretty squicked out by ants.
  • I’m not averse to trying to live solely on sushi, if anyone wants to finance the experiment.
  • I have five tattoos, but most could be hidden behind a quarter
  • … there’s a lot more about me you probably didn’t know! So check back, perhaps the list will have grown.

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Contributor to Eustacia Tan‘s booklovers e-zine An Excuse for Company

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