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Excerpt: Help Wanted

They got to the substance abuse clinic just before 9:00 AM. Amy explained to the receptionist why they were there, and they sat down in the lobby. After about 15 minutes, the receptionist called out, “I’m sorry, could you come … Continue reading

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I quack me up: Two-fer

Two excerpts from the third Sunshine Line book:

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I Quack Me Up 2

As I mentioned in the last post, I am editing my cancer blog thingy. (I are good with words.) I came across this and giggled, so I hope you will too: They got me in the OR and onto the … Continue reading

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You Think Editing Is Hard?

Try not editing.

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Where’s My Magic Button?

I write fantasy, right? Well, maybe you didn’t know that. But I do. So why can’t I come up with some magic that takes a finished novel and turns it into a book someone can buy? I just want to … Continue reading

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I quack me up: School Shopping

I’ll do this again. I’ll find some snippet from my own work that particularly tickles me… and then subject you to it. The following is from my only non-fantasy fiction WIP (work in progress).

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A special brand of crazy?

I know, from talking to other writers, that I’m not the only one who experiences this. Here’s the deal: I think of my characters as having a separate identity from me. They aren’t just my creations, they have a will … Continue reading

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To blog or not to blog

I resisted the idea of doing a blog for a long long time.

For one thing, everybody was doing it. A few years back, it seemed like almost everybody on the internet had one. Some were highly successful, but most were read by few or none. Send your mind back in time, back before Twitter. A lot of people were saying not much and could have said it in a couple hundred characters, had they had any self-restraint.

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