Checking in! ~November 26, 2022

With a certain billionaire taking a sledgehammer to a certain popular social media platform, I’ve been moving my social media presence over to Mastodon. Mastodon is a little complicated at first, but I think it’s going to be well worth it. You can find me over there at @thejustkat If you don’t have an account and/or have questions, I may be able to help you. My contact information is on the ‘about’ tab.

I’m in the middle of what feels like five thousand projects, especially if you count all the blog posts I want to write, even if you only include ones I’ve created a blank page for with just a title or a sentence or two as a placeholder.

I failed NaNoWriMo this year, primarily by choosing a story that needed less than fifty thousand words to tell. I haven’t finished it, but I got to the end of the outline. There’s stuff to add, but even when that’s all written it still won’t be fifty thousand words. But! It will be a story that’s out of my head after nineteen years (and more like 35 for the idea that inspired the format for the story). And that’s no small thing! At this point I’m of two minds as to how worth it it would be to polish it into something sellable. Thresholds is a weird story. Even written perfectly (an unrealistic goal) I think I’d have a hell of a time getting a publisher interested. Hell, I don’t expect my friends to like it! It’s still too early to know if like it!

Meanwhile The Spell Builders is pretty much ready to be published as soon as my cover artist is done. I’d like to get Unbreaking done next year (which also needs a cover). My 2020 NaNo project, The Beeherders could conceivably be made ready to publish next year, but the other two should go first.

And I’m hoping to come up with a good, new idea for NaNo ’23. Eighty thousand words of some fun fantasy.

But yeah, just toodling along through life, learning, laughing, doing my best.


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