Looking for my Groove

I love writing. I’m quite fond of editing. In the right mood I can even enjoy working on my web page. Even publication, as titchy and annoying as it can be, isn’t all that bad.

I hate marketing.

And yet? I must, if I want to sell books.

It’s not like I want to make a million dollars at this gig. But I know there are thousands of people out there who would buy my books if only they knew about them. So it’s back to the classroom for me. Time to learn how to market myself and my books. Time to figure out how to work that stuff in with actually producing books for people to buy.

Well I took the first step and cleaned up my website. If I’m going to go and bring attention to myself and my blog, I thought it ought to be in top shape. Now all the Daganu books are in their own drop down menu, one page for each book. The other works have their own page as always. I also re-tooled the look of the page (very slightly) and the “About Kat” section.

Okay, “easy” part done! Now to study marketing again (while at the same time editing two books and plotting my project for July) ~sigh~

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