And a Very Merry Unbirthday to You!


Tomorrow is my forty-third birthday, and I want to share the celebration. From today until February 17th I am offering a 43% discount on all my published works at Smashwords! This is a steal, people!

I will still be donating 90% of my royalties for Silver Linings to YSC and 50% of my royalties for Help Wanted to WEAVE. And, of course, The Animal Place is still set at “you set the price” so you can pick it up for free.

Please note: These coupons only work at Smashwords. Smashwords offers DRM free downloads in all e-book formats, and you have access to all versions including any updated versions I might publish. You are more than welcome to purchase my books at Amazon, but the coupons won’t work there.

Coupon Codes! (Coupons good through January 2, 2013)

Silver Linings  EN52D – Non-fiction, this book takes you through my cancer treatment in “real time”.

Help Wanted  SL33J – Psychological thriller, a tale of generosity repaid with abuse. Fictionalized account of a true story

The Sunshine Line UU82N – Light fantasy, What happens when an ordinary guy discovers fairies are real… and nothing like children’s stories!  



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