Daganu News and Coupons!

Great news! The Unchanging Heavens is mere days from publication!

As The Unchanging Heavens is the third full-length Daganu novel, you might like to start from the beginning. To make that easier for you, I’ve created a sale!

For the month of November, The Sunshine Line and The Mirror’s Image are 50% off at Smashwords. The short story, The Animal Place, is, as always, Set Your Own Price. You can be totally caught up on the series for only four dollars!

And keep your eyes peeled: There will be a coupon for The Unchanging Heavens when it comes out!

The coupon codes are below. They are not case sensitive, but will only work at Smashwords, as Amazon doesn’t let me put things on sale. Fear not, you can still buy a kindle version at Smashwords! All titles are available from the Daganu Series Page.

The Sunshine Line: VY96C

The Mirror’s Image: UF43C

The Animal Place is always “You set the price”!

Happy Reading!

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