Decision Made!

As I posted about previously, I lost more than two months of productive work due to a ridiculous migraine. When it went away it was like being reborn… with a full in-tray.

Over the past ten days I have done a boatload of proof-reading and editing (95% on my own stuff, but I also did a read for a friend). I’ve recruited beta readers for The Long Dark (coming soon!), and read through what I got down of Unbreaking in November.

So my dilemma, also as previously stated, was this: Do I get back to writing Unbreaking or do I put that off until July and work on other things. As it turns out, I don’t have enough other things and Unbreaking is calling to me. Very loudly.

So! I will not wait until July to finish writing Unbreaking. I simply can’t wait that long.

That will give me more time to develop the next Daganu book. I have a couple different Daganu plot bunnies hopping around, one of which actually has some outlining done already…

Okeedokee, back to work!

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