Help Wanted Update

Hi everyone! I know I told y’all that I expected to have Help Wanted published by the end of October. And here we are in November and you haven’t seen hide nor hair. It’s coming, I promise.

When you publish an e-book, you have to do some very specific formatting, and the requirements are different for different retailers. I knew this going in. But I ran into a weird frustrating problem with formatting Help Wanted for smashwords. I don’t blame them; they offer a great service for self-publishers and they do everything they can to lay out their requirements in excruciating detail. It was just that I had inadvertently applied conflicting styles, and it took forever for me to figure out what went wrong. I almost bought MS Word before I figured it out, for goshsakes!

What that all means is that I’m actually ready to announce the Amazon version, but am still waiting on catalog approval from smashwords. I am hopeful that it will be green-to-go on Monday.

Meanwhile, you can read (or re-read) the excerpts for Help Wanted here:

Stay on the edge of your seats, people, Help Wanted will be here soon!

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