Looking back at NaNoWriMo 2012; Looking forward from Here

I made it to 50K by the end of November, so I “won” NaNoWriMo, but it was a close call. I never got more than a day ahead and more than once something came up that caused me to lose that lead. On the 29th I had about 4000 words to go and got an excruciating spasm in my shoulder, which cut down on my productivity. But I made it!

My story, however, is not yet finished. I took the weekend off and will get back to work this week, hopefully finishing it up by the end of the week. I would guess I’ve got another 5K or so to complete the story.

My story has had a lot of pleasant surprises as I’ve gone along. It will still need a lot of work in editing, but at least I’m starting out with good stuff. Also, I’m not planning on publishing this one for about 15 months… and that’s if things go well.

So what does December hold for me? Well, as I said, I have to finish the draft I’m writing. Then I have to edit and polish a short story to be published in late January, and get The Mirror’s Image ready for the end of February.

After that, I’ll probably spend a month or so working on the third Sunshine Line book, getting it ready for a late August publication. Somewhere in there I’ll have to decide if I’m writing in July. I have a sci-fi plot bunny that’s intriguing me. I also have more Sunshine Line ideas, but it might be nice to take a break from that universe for a little bit. The two Sunshine Line stories I have in mind might be better done as short stories than novels; maybe I’ll write them both in July instead of the sci-fi book. Who can say?

All I know is that this writing business keeps me busy!

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