To blog or not to blog

I resisted the idea of doing a blog for a long long time.

For one thing, everybody was doing it. A few years back, it seemed like almost everybody on the internet had one. Some were highly successful, but most were read by few or none. Send your mind back in time, back before Twitter. A lot of people were saying not much and could have said it in a couple hundred characters, had they had any self-restraint.

Beyond that, I didn’t think I had whatever it took to write short pieces regularly. I can write a letter to a friend that’s four pages long — and that’s after shrinking the margins! — and I can write a novel… But a couple of paragraphs? It seemed unlikely. Truthfully, the jury is still out on the matter.

Back in ’08 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I finally caved… sort of. I refused to call it a blog and did it with no sort of formatting at all. I got a lot of compliments on my writing and “voice” during that time, which, under the circumstances, surprised me quite a bit.

What drove me to finally try to do it officially was the fact that I’m about to publish my first novel, and I think — or I’d like to think — that my readers might be interested in seeing more from me.

So here’s my blog. I’ll be writing about writing and publishing and works-in-progress. Thank you for coming, and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay… and come again!

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