A Little Brag with Celebratory Coupons!

2012 was a challenging year in many ways, but as far as my writing goes, it was exciting and triumphant. After writing thousands and thousands of words over the last few years, I finally got around to publishing a few things. I am humbled that anyone would pay for my work, and even more at the rave reviews Silver Linings and The Sunshine Line have gotten.

Keeping my celebration to myself would, under the circumstance, be very stingy of me. So I’m sharing it with everyone by offering 25% percent off  all my published works. I will still be donating 90% of my royalties for Silver Linings to YSC and 50% of my royalties for Help Wanted to WEAVE.

Please note: These coupons only work at Smashwords. Smashwords offers DRM free downloads in all e-book formats, and you have access to all versions including any updated versions I might publish. You are more than welcome to purchase my books at Amazon, but the coupons won’t work there.

Coupon Codes! (Coupons good through January 2, 2013)

Silver Linings  EB68P – Non-fiction, this book takes you through my cancer treatment in “real time”.

Help Wanted  XA68Z – Psychological thriller, a tale of generosity repaid with abuse. Fictionalized account of a true story

The Sunshine Line QQ79H – Light fantasy, What happens when an ordinary guy discovers fairies are real… and nothing like children’s stories!  

Enjoy! And Happy New Year to all!

PS- I have three things scheduled to be published in 2013, so stay tuned!

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