News on the Universe of The Sunshine Line

The Sunshine Line was published in late August and has gotten stunning reviews on Amazon to my great pleasure. Last month I rolled The Sunshine Line out on Smashwords, thus giving my readers more choices and more control over their purchase.

Many readers have eagerly asked for more. You ask, I deliver. Let me give you a breakdown of what’s in the works right now.

Next out of the shoot will be a short story called The Animal Place, to be published later this month. I’m excited to be able to offer this for free on Smashwords!

Then, in February, the first full-length sequel to The Sunshine Line will be ready (I hope!) for publishing. The Mirror’s Image picks up where The Sunshine Line left off and brings Joe, Kristy and you, my readers, to the other side of the Portal.

After that I’m giving myself about six months to get the third book out. It remains nameless at this time.

Meanwhile, I’ve just finished writing The Long Dark, a fourth full-length Sunshine Line book. It’s a bit early to tell, but I’m hoping to publish late winter 2014.

The Sunshine Line is where my heart is, so fans can take heart knowing there’s a lot more coming!

Stay tuned!

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