Attack of the Plot Bunnies!

Plot bunnies are story ideas, to put it succinctly. I have a folder within my writing folder to pen up my plot bunnies. I’ll write a few words, a premise, a location, sometimes only a bit of dialogue that I really want to use in a story. Usually I put just enough information in the file to get the idea out of my head.

I have enough on my mind already! I don’t have the brains to spare to be constantly starting projects.

Besides, that’s a good way to make sure you never finish any.

Last night I was attacked by a plot bunny. Viciously savaged in my own bed, as I tried to fall asleep. This idea just kept coming and coming. World building, mostly, but so much!

(That paragraph had a cringe-worthy supply of innuendo.)

And I realized: this is a good idea. I shouldn’t forget this.

So I got up out of bed. I went to my laptop and wrote about five hundred words. There’s no plot, there’s no characters, and there are a ton of questions. But it’s good stuff, I can tell.

And now that I’ve done that? I’m going to put it in the pen with the other plot bunnies, there to wait until I have time to think about writing it. Perhaps next summer…



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