My Kingdom for a Title!

If I push my brain way back into the fall of 2009 I can recall that at first the title for The Sunshine Line didn’t come easily. I had a couple of ideas pass through my head, but they all seemed flip and/or lame. When it came to me, it seemed perfect, working as a metaphor as well as the phrase appearing in the text.

The title for Help Wanted came to me almost as soon as I decided to write the story. The bad guy in the story is unemployed and the heroine ends up needing help of another kind as the story progresses.

Silver Linings was even easier. I used the phrase/term several times in my blog, and it fits the optimistic — yet realistic — vibe I was going for with the book.

But I’ve written two more novels. Sequels to The Sunshine Line. And I have no idea what to call them. I feel like sequels should have — or at least often do — titles that are harmonious with the first book. I feel like I have to call the books The something.

Considering that I am hoping to publish the first sequel sometime this year, as well as feeding tasty tidbits to my readers via this blog, I really need to figure this out.

Maybe if I read through them again and look for arc words. * sigh *

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