Daganu News and Coupons!

Great news! The Unchanging Heavens is mere days from publication!

As The Unchanging Heavens is the third full-length Daganu novel, you might like to start from the beginning. To make that easier for you, I’ve created a sale!

For the month of November, The Sunshine Line and The Mirror’s Image are 50% off at Smashwords. The short story, The Animal Place, is, as always, Set Your Own Price. You can be totally caught up on the series for only four dollars!

And keep your eyes peeled: There will be a coupon for The Unchanging Heavens when it comes out!

The coupon codes are below. They are not case sensitive, but will only work at Smashwords, as Amazon doesn’t let me put things on sale. Fear not, you can still buy a kindle version at Smashwords! All titles are available from the Daganu Series Page.

The Sunshine Line: VY96C

The Mirror’s Image: UF43C

The Animal Place is always “You set the price”!

Happy Reading!

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The Care and Feeding of Plot Bunnies

If you’ve never heard of a Plot Bunny before, the idea is fairly simple. A Plot Bunny is a story idea. It’s cute and fluffy and you want to take it home right away and start loving it and spoiling it. You can’t get a Plot Bunny at the SPCA, they find you.

But beware! Make sure your Plot Bunny isn’t pregnant! If she is, you’ll soon have so many Plot Bunnies hopping around that you won’t have time to love or spoil any of them!

Continue reading

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It’s NaNo Time!

It’s November first, the day when all good writers (and quite a few bad ones) take up arms to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. If you’ve always wanted to write a book, now’s the time. Check out nanowrimo.org.

I, however, am being a NaNo Rebel this year. I have a draft I got about 3/5 through over the summer, and it is begging to be finished. So I will write 1667 words a day until the draft is finished.

At the same time, I’ve almost got The Unchanging Heavens ready to publish! Just a few more days (even with the writing for NaNo) and it can be in your hands (or at least in your e-reader!). Stay tuned to this channel for more information!

Happy Writing, folks!

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Life’s Little Adjustments

I know it’s been a long time since I made a blog post here. Life has really been throwing things at me this year. In particular, my pain levels have often been too high to concentrate, which really interferes with writing!

I’m starting to see some improvement, however, so it’s time to go back to work!

Probably most significant thing for me this fall is that I’m not doing NaNoWriMo. Or I’m going to be a NaNo Rebel, if you prefer. You see, I never finished that draft I was writing over the summer. So this November, I’m going to officially go back to that draft and write at least 1666 words a day, until the dern thing is done. This won’t take me all month, but the point is to write like it’s NaNo until it gets done! 

My other goal at this time is to get The Unchanging Heavens published. I’m in the final editing stages and I have my cover, so I’m optimistic that I might get it done by the end of the month. If not, I’ll devote an hour a day to getting it out the door until it’s done.

This means that once The Spell Builders‘ draft is finished, I can jump into editing The Long Dark. That way, maybe I’ll get it published according to my original schedule!

I’m feeling optimistic and motivated… and it feels good!

ps- Sorry about all the exclamation points, I’m just excited!

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Five Year Cancerversary

Cancer survivors know what a cancerversary is, but there are differences in opinion about what day it should mark. Should it be the day you found reason to worry (found a lump, had an abnormal test result)? The day you were diagnosed? The day you started treatment? The day you first had a clear scan?

I tie it in with my definition of a survivor: You become a survivor when you look cancer in the face and decide to live.

Five years ago today, I did just that. I got the phone call that confirmed that I had breast cancer, and I started to rally my strength – though there wasn’t a lot of it right then – and prepare to fight for my life. Continue reading

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Looking for my Groove

I love writing. I’m quite fond of editing. In the right mood I can even enjoy working on my web page. Even publication, as titchy and annoying as it can be, isn’t all that bad.

I hate marketing.

And yet? I must, if I want to sell books. Continue reading

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Maybe Mets (OR: Anatomy of a Recurrence Scare)

I’ve spend approximately the last two months worrying about metastatic cancer. I’m pleased to reveal in advance that there is no sign of it, and we’ve done some pretty thorough testing.

Even though I appear to still be cancer-free, I thought this little journal might be of interest to family members and care-givers… and maybe even to survivors.

As with Silver Linings I did not edit this. Polish might take the edge off the raw feelings, and then what would be the point. It’s a journal, not a novel. I’m posting it through Kat’s Quill largely because it’s more than 6000 words, and I, as a writer, feel like I shouldn’t hide that many words in the dark.

Be warned, there’s some strange shit in there.

Continue reading

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The Mirror’s Image is here!

I am excited to announce that the sequel to The Sunshine Line is now available for purchase at Smashwords (all e-formats, no DRM) and Amazon (kindle format, no DRM)!

In The Sunshine Line, Joe was recruited by the fairies of Daganu to help built, maintain and preserve the crossings between their world and ours. In The Mirror’s Image, Joe and Kristy start their work. The complex job turned out to have complications they would never have believed.


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Excerpt: The Mirror’s Image, fourth chapter – And coupon!!

I think the cover is ready! It looks like we’re on track to publish by the end of the week! If you haven’t read The Sunshine Line now is the time to pick it up at Smashwords! 50% off coupon code:  KK28G

Meanwhile, here is the fourth chapter of The Mirror’s Image coming soon!

Tuesday July 7, 1992


Kristy and I took a little retreat to a Napa bed-and-breakfast and got back to the City late Tuesday morning. We went straight to the courthouse to get legally married. Kristy hadn’t really wanted to bother, feeling sufficiently married already, but I thought it might be a good idea.

After all, I’d called my parents over the weekend and told them that Kristy and I had eloped to Reno. I would just have to hope there would never be a reason for them to look at the wedding certificate. My parents had been slightly disappointed and a little bit bemused that they had never even met my bride. I told them that they would eventually, but that we were joining the Peace Corps and would be out of touch for a while.

I can’t believe he swallowed that story,” I said out loud, as we made our way from my – our – apartment to Tom and Molly’s house. Continue reading

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Excerpt: The Mirror’s Image, third chapter

Are you ready for The Mirror’s Image? Well, it’s almost ready for you, too!

Third chapter, for your enjoyment

Saturday July 4, 1992


There was something slightly ironic about getting married on Independence Day, but it didn’t bother me in the slightest. I decided it was the course of wisdom, however, not to mention the observation to my bride. Continue reading

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