Season of Giving Special (10% off Help Wanted)

A very bad thing happened to a friend of mine. I saw a lot of it, heard more. She survived to ask that I tell her story, and when I asked her what charity I could donate some of my royalties to – and encourage my readers to donate to – she immediately said “WEAVE!”

WEAVE (Women Escaping a Violent Environment) is an organization that helps women and children who are victims of domestic abuse or at risk for such abuse. They have a fantastic reputation and I’m proud to be donating 50% of my royalties from “Amy”‘s story.

Help Wanted is a story of generosity repaid with abuse.

Amy’s generosity exceeds her means, but when an old friend is down on his luck, she offers her couch. Paul is troubled, but Amy thinks she can help. Little by little, she realizes she’s in over her head. What begins as a simple gesture of kindness becomes a struggle to survive.

“Amy” gets resolution, but in real life too many women don’t. Sometimes they suffer for years because they don’t know what else to do. Sometimes they are killed. It is WEAVE’s mission to make sure that doesn’t happen.

So in the spirit of giving, I am offering a 10% coupon forĀ Help Wanted through Christmas Day. Think of it as an opportunity to buy yourself a present and give to a worthy cause at the same time. Or buy it as a gift, and get twice the feel-goods.

The coupon code is: XG46W and anyone may use it at Smashwords.

Happy Holidays!

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