The Bare-Bones Outline

I’ve been doing a lot of editing and publishing research and all that less-fun stuff a writer has to do in order to become an author. I’ve started to feel desperate to write something, but with all the stuff I’m trying to push out the door I don’t think I should attempt another novel until November.

So I decided to write a couple of short stories set in The Sunshine Line universe.

I have two story ideas, but one of them sounds like more fun, so I’m going with it. I just whipped up a Q&D outline, which makes for amusing reading of its own kind.

I think I can knock a first draft out today, if it goes well. Wish me luck!

Oh, and here’s the outline, in all its infamy glory; when you’ll read it you might become skeptical… the lack of detail is amusing:

Bart’s Short Story

Starring: Bart, Joe, Kristy

They are in Daganu having tea or something. Bart is making them lunch because Amaleen is busy with Portal Project business.

He joins them at table.

Kristy wants to know about the cows

Bart offers to show them where he got Baka

Over night trip, Day trip. Bart supplies them.

Campfire (without the fire) conversation while hiking

Animosity between Bart and Amaleen


His role in the Portal Project

The next day Eventually they find the cows, and there’s something wild about the scene, something enchanting and weird. Maybe there’s other earth animals. Like a zoo. Should I put unicorns in my book? =P [IF THERE ARE UNICORNS, OBVIOUSLY Kristy WOULD WANT ONE, ADDING THAT THEY WOULD BE GOOD DEFENSE AS WELL AS UP TO THE TASK OF A PACK ANIMAL. Bart WOULD POINT OUT THAT FIRSTLY YOU CAN’T MAKE A UNICORN BE A PACK ANIMAL, AND SECONDLY DID SHE HAVE A VIRGIN HANDY?] Maybe there are other animals that could be used as pack animals and they wonder why they ended up with a cow.

Ending of some sort. Maybe they return to the San Francisco portal area and Amaleen is annoyed with them for taking off without her oversight. End with a laugh?

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