The Larval Stage of an Outline

Every story has to start somewhere. Truthfully, this isn’t especially vague for me for an intial outline. Got to get the ideas I have down, and go from there. Still, this is pretty funny stuff. I hope you enjoy! Oh, and I’m not going to try to adjust the formatting, it just isn’t worth it. I think my readers have the fortitude to withstand it. (Oh, and btw, the last line of this post is the actual last line of the outline. o.0)

TSL4: First outline

Story opens as they approach Yannik’s cave.

Tell Yannik what happened

Yannik gets obsessed/manic about the murals

Shyly asks J&K to accompany him back to Bistami Stulba


Back closer to home, Angelina learns of their plans and wants to come.

The must be someone who would make a better companion.

What about the secret pixie atbrivojuma?

Chen and Emily rejected as too young.

Sassa would be a serious compromise, because she’s not an elf.

Leo, maybe?


Moment of truth? Let all parties know who has what kind and how many atbrivojuman.

(J&K would have to get approval from Dasha)


[install plot lmao]


Travel via the human side to the spot by Redding.

Travel through Bistami Stulba to the canyon.

Revelation of some sort

Yannik conceives of a quest to find someone who lives there (someone specific?)


A-questing they will go.


They find someone, and give him/her/it a pendant so they can communicate.

All sorts of future shock.


… Great, now all I have to do is figure out the point to the story! =P

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