Fast Lane: Slower Traffic Keep Right

I used to have a driving blog called Fast Lane, but I had a database disaster and lost it all. It is being reborn here as a page within my writing blog. I originally got my immediate inspiration from the 140 mile trip (counting both directions) I did twice a month between Sacramento and the Bay Area. I don’t do that drive regularly anymore, but there’s plenty of inspiration (ie. bad drivers) on the road closer to home.

But now I can start my rants all over! And rest assured that, as in its past life, this blog will primarily be ranting. I’m a good driver and I have opinions.

I’m a damn good driver, in fact, and I have little tolerance for bad drivers… which are most of the drivers on the road. At various times I’ll share the crazy shit that didn’t end up crumpling my car. Exciting stuff! At least to live through. (Disclosure: I am not a professional driver! Nor am I a driving instructor. Consume at your own risk.)

Another thing I’ll share here is My Dad’s Advice ™(not really). There’s rarely a day behind the wheel when I don’t think of my dad’s advice as he taught me to drive.

People liked my old blog, and I’m hoping people will like its resurrection. It might take me a few posts to get back in the groove, but I hope to be able to keep at this. There won’t be a set time, not even a promise to post once a week. My old fans – if there are any still around – will notice that I will be reusing some titles (eg. there will be one called Know Your Car is probably coming soon).

So sit back, I’m driving!

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