I quack me up: School Shopping

I’ll do this again. I’ll find some snippet from my own work that particularly tickles me… and then subject you to it.

The following is from my only non-fantasy fiction WIP (work in progress).

The usual fall school shopping for Jennifer took place as well. Amy recognized that Jennifer was much more beautiful she herself, although a lot of that was her pointed awareness that her 40th birthday had come this year. Nonetheless, Amy would not allow Jennifer to dress like a slut, and that was final. No “but moms” were going to change her mind. To make matters more confrontational, mother and daughter had some very different ideas of what constituted dressing like a slut. There were recriminations and whining was involved. There was eye rolling. There was the pointing out of who held the purse strings. Jennifer countered with having a fatter wallet than usual, and Amy saw that and raised with “the roof over your head”. The clothes that went home were flattering, but conservative. The people that went home were sullen and smug, respectively.


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