I quack me up: Two-fer

Two excerpts from the third Sunshine Line book:

Kristy looked at me, horror in her eyes. “I missed him,” she said.

It’s okay, sweetie, nobody can be 100% all the time and all your training prepared you for a bigger opponent,” I tried to reassure her.

I can’t let expectations like that over-ride actual fact,” she said, full of self-reproach.

Nyhus cautiously opened his eyes. When he saw that we not attacking him, only staring, he glared at us balefully. “It happens to also be ‘okay’ with me that you missed,” he said, aggrieved.


He gave me a mournful look and said, “No, I’m not working for anyone right now. Say, do you have anything to eat?”

I blinked at him several times, nonplussed by this subject change.

You want us to feed you now?” Becky asked incredulously.

Yes?” Nyhus said, sounding unsure.

Well, we’re fresh out of whatever it is that you eat,” Becky said spitefully.


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