Quick Excerpt: Sequel to The Sunshine Line

I love Nyhus. He’s a cowardly little worm, but he brings teh funnay. It’s not that he’s funny, but that he makes my other character say funny things. I brought him back in the third book, without having planned to. And I was so glad I had, Nyhus scenes are a blast to write.

So: Quick excerpt.

This rattled Kristy’s recently reclaimed calm. But she shook her head in denial and said, “Prove it.”

Prove it?!” Nyhus radiated indignation.

Yes,” I said, “prove it. Your claim is ridiculous without proof.”

Nyhus looked very offended and said, “Why would I lie to you?”

Why wouldn’t you?” I countered.

Nyhus didn’t know what to make of that. “Well, why would I?” He said again, now seeming confused.

Oh never mind, you pack of morons.” Becky said impatiently. “Coblynau! You bring proof or else we will completely disregard your statements. It is possible that we will kill you if you show your face again without it.” 

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