Spoilers and Sequels and Prequels, Oh My!

If I ever get my cover, I’ll be able to publish The Sunshine Line… So far, I’ve written two sequels and a short story that takes place between the first and second books. And now I’m starting to put together a prequel short story.

I was careful in writing the short story mentioned above to not include any spoilers. I am not intending to publish it until at least the first book is out there, but the short can be read before the other books.

But it is not possible to write the short I’m outlining without spoilers. I can and will only put in spoilers for the first book, the others… well I think I’ve figured out how to avoid the only major spoiler for the second book.

It’s a balancing act, but it’s still fun. It also gives me something to write¬†while I do endless editing on my other WIPs.

I sure hope people find The Sunshine Line¬†concepts interesting, as I’ve written so much in that ficton (“fictional universe” would be a good approximation).

If you haven’t availed yourself of the opportunity yet, you can visit The Sunshine Line‘s page by clicking on its tab in the menu bar above; it has five and a half chapters to suck you in!

Thanks for reading!

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