Gearing up to Publish Help Wanted

Barring unforeseen obstacles, I will be publishing Help Wanted at the end of the month.

Help Wanted is different from anything else I’ve written, or will ever write. It’s a fictionalized true story about generosity repaid with abuse. I will be donating 50% of my royalties to WEAVE, an organization dedicated to helping women and children at risk. For more information on how you can donate to WEAVE, see the Help Wanted page on my blog.

In the next few days I will start to trickle out the first few chapters. I hope my readers enjoy the work, even if it is more serious than my usual style. So keep a look-out for the excerpts and other announcements!

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Progress Report: Help Wanted

As I’ve mentioned before, Help Wanted is a fictionalized account of a true story. When the woman whose story it is — who I call “Amy” in the book — read it, she suggested two more scenes that might help illustrate some of the points the story was trying to make.

I wrote the two scenes and let her review them. “Amy” gave them her stamp of approval. Then I had to integrate the scenes into the book. I wrote that story in a much more compact way than it actually occurred. This is partly because I didn’t have the heart to write so much bad stuff. I had to include some, to tell the story. Because I tightened up the story so much, I had to use a shoe-horn to get the new scenes to fit in.

Having done that, more easily than I feared, I moved on to do a paper edit. That’s just what it sounds like: I print the whole thing out (my printer does double-sided, which rocks) and take a red pen to it.

Let me put it this way: Only two pages didn’t have any red ink. Two.

Still, I’m feeling good about it. That much red means it was a productive editing pass. I may have to rinse-repeat after entering all the changes, though. So many changes….

I think I’m making good progress. Who knows, maybe it will be published sooner than I originally thought!

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Excerpt: Help Wanted

They got to the substance abuse clinic just before 9:00 AM. Amy explained to the receptionist why they were there, and they sat down in the lobby.

After about 15 minutes, the receptionist called out, “I’m sorry, could you come up here again, I have a question.”

Amy went to the desk. The receptionist said, “Can you explain why you’re here again?”

Amy cocked her head a little at that. Had the woman simply not listened the first time? Oh well, take two.

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I quack me up: School Shopping

I’ll do this again. I’ll find some snippet from my own work that particularly tickles me… and then subject you to it.

The following is from my only non-fantasy fiction WIP (work in progress).

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